Awarding Institute: 

Information Technology is a booming industry generating billions of dollars globally. With graduates in this field in high demand worldwide, we have developed programmes that are both flexible and relevant to industry needs.

The Diploma in Computer Studies programme has been designed to provide you with a strong foundation in computer technologies, the Internet and networking, database administration and programming with the aim of preparing you to land an attractive job after graduation.

Upon completing the diploma programme, you possess an academic qualification required to become a competent professional with strong technical and analytical skills.

Programme Structure: 
Introductory and Application Programming & Database Communication & Business Designing (Multimedia & Websites)
  • Basic Mathematics for Computing
  • Study Skills in English
  • PC Competence
  • Introduction To Programming and Databases
  • Computer Programming Methodology
  • Programming in Java
  • Visual Basic.Net
  • English for Business Communication
  • Business Communication
  • Business Organization
  • Multimedia Development
  • Website Designing
  • Commerce
Technology, Networking & Computer Architecture System Design, Development and Management Research & Projects Compulsory Subjects
  • English for Business Communication
  • Business Communication
  • Business Organization


  • System Development
  • Project Management
  • Software Environment and Design
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Data Structure and Algorithm
  • Application Development
  • Information Management
  • Academic Research
  • Integrated System Project
  • Moral / Islamic Studies
  • Malaysian Studies
  • Bahasa Malaysia
Entry Requirements: 
  • SPM / O-Level / SM2; or
  • Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary School UEC Certificate; or
  • Any equivalent qualification (3 credits including Mathematics
Career Opportunities: 

Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include: IT Administration Assistant, Data Processing Assistant, Computer Programmer, IT Managers, Quality Control Manager, Systems Support Specialist.