Awarding Institute: 

The Diploma Programme is aimed at preparing learners to meet the demands and challenges of the teaching profession at nursery and pre-school levels for both public and private centres. It is structured to enable graduates to acquire competencies in identifying the teaching and learning approaches for young children, and to be reflectively and professionally engaged in teaching-learning processes and experiences, curriculum planning and aspects of management.

Programme Structure: 
Foundations in Early Childhood Education Psychology of Young Children Development of an Early Childhood Professional Early Childhood Pedagogy
  • Foundations of Early Childhood Education
  • Observation and Assessment of Young Children
  • The Child, Family and Society
  • Planning and Organising Early Childhood Care and Educational Settings
  • Development of Young Children
  • Classroom and Behaviour Management
  • Play and Learning
  • Special Educational Needs and Learning Disabilities
  • Becoming an Early Childhood Professional
  • Academic English & General Language Training
  • Management of Early Childhood Settings
  • Contemporary Issues and Trends in Early Childhood
  • Practicum
  • Early Childhood Curriculum Approaches
  • Health, Safety and Nutrition
  • Home School Partnership
Studies for Young Children Creative Arts Montessori Theory and Practice Compulsary Subjects
  • Physical Education for Young Children
  • Social Studies for Young Children
  • Mathematics for Young Children
  • Science for Young Children & Technology for Young Children
  • Language and Literacy for Young Children
  • Technology for Young Children
  • Music and Drama for Young Children
  • Art and Craft for Young Children
  • Introduction to the Theory and Practice of the Montessori Method of Education
  • Play and Learning
  • Special Educational Needs and Learning Disabilities
  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • Moral Studies
  • Malaysian Studies
Entry Requirements: 
  • SPM / O-Level / SM2; or
  • Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary School UEC Certificate; or
  • Equivalent qualification (3 credits)
Career Opportunities: 

As graduates, you may look forward to a fulfiling career in the following early childhood-related fields:

  • Teaching
  • Ownership or management of a childcare or nursery
  • Educational product research and development
  • Pre-school management consultancy
  • Employment within international schools