Awarding Institute: 

The SEGi University Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General Management programme seeks to promote an understanding of core business and management disciplines while emphasizing and enhancing the management skills and knowledge of students. Students will enhance and hone their existing management skills as well as develop new ideas and concepts in the areas of analysis, problem-solving, decision-making, effective communication and leadership, which are critical components in any organisation.

This online programme is fully accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Study duration : 2 - 5 years.

Programme Structure: 

Core Modules:

Marketing Management  Accounting For Managers  Finance For Managers  Economics For Managers 
  • Focuses on the establishment of competitive advantage.
  • Marketing methods on formulating short and medium term plans will be applied, using a range of analytical models and techniques.
  • Provides sufficient knowledge on the importance of contribution that financial accounts play in the effective running of an organisation.
  • Focuses on capital budgeting, investment appraisal, financial decisions, portfolio approach, business valuation techniques and foreign exchange management. 
  • Provides an understanding of economics and its role in managerial decision-making.
  • Focuses on modern economic thinking and its relevance to business and management.
  • Covers macroeconomic and microeconornic topics with attention to some international economic perspectives. 
Managing In The International Economy Organisational Behaviour  Operations & Quality Management  Strategic Management
  • Exploring a variety of topics utilising discussion, researched reports and case analysis.
  • This includes the nature of international business, the external environment of international business, trade practices, financial management and operations management in an international environment.
  • Develops an understanding of organisational behavior.
  • Understanding how people behave in the context of an organisational structure.
  • Provides a theoretical foundation that students may use to evaluate organisational phenomena and managerial practices. 
  • Enables students to understand the concepts underlying in an operation and quality management system function.
  • Understanding the different nature of the tasks and issues involved in managing the operation and quality management functions.
  • Identifying and articulating the strategic issues that organisations are faced with.
  • Provides a framework for analysis and integration by focusing attention on the development of an organisation's strategic directions, strategic capabilities, plus internal and external dynamics. 
Research Methodology 
  • Provides leaders the opportunity to gain new knowledge that can subsequently change the understanding of themselves, the business and the business environment.
  • Expose yourself to enhance management decisions and improve leadership effectiveness in the production, finance, marketing and management area of business.


Specialised Modules:


Entrepreneurship Practice & Processes

Project Management - Framework and Sustainability

Master's Project

  • Covers both internal organisational and external entrepreneurships in the technical, economic and social aspects of an organisation.
  • A specialised field of management that provides the primary emphasis on managerial aspects and issues in the evaluation of a typical project on a timeframe, from emerging as a requirement until it's approved by the organisation.
  • The dissertation comprises of research and a thesis (maximum of 30,000 words).
  • Candidates are required to submit a research proposal to the head of department and faculty research or higher degrees committee for approval and endorsement by the dean prior to the commencement of research.
  • The dissertation will be a significant piece of independently conducted and written research.
Entry Requirements: 

Applicants must have completed a relevant Bachelor degree and have obtained an IELTS score of 6.0. Students who have completed studies at master’s level may also be eligible to apply for exemptions.

Students who do not meet these entry requirements but have a significant amount of related work experience may also apply.

All applications will be individually assessed.

Career Opportunities: 

As graduates, you are highly in demand to perform in a senior of managerial roles. Organisations are always looking for professionals with strong managerial skills and abilities as it determines the success of their business.

Due to the variety of modules of the programme, you will have the opportunity to pursue general management positions across a wide range of sectors. Generally, you get to enjoy strong demands from industry for your skills and knowledge as well as compensation to match.