This programme has been developed to achieve the following aims:

  • Promote the enhancement of contemporary nursing knowledge through the study of scientific & humanistic literature
  • Enhance the development of the intellectual skills of reflection and critical thinking and evaluation to promote & extend the personal & professional practice & roles
  • Promote the understanding of the changing nature of health policy & its impact on professional practice
  • Develop the ability to initiate change and promote & lead evidence-based practice
  • Develop knowledge & skills to act in the capacity of teacher & assessor

As a result of participation in this programme, you will be able to:

  • Reflect on your experience in professional and personal life and critically evaluate the contribution those experiences make to your professional practice
  • Critically analyse factors that influence the efficacy of managerial functions in health care settings
  • Demonstrate the ability to facilitate, initiate, lead & evaluate change in the practice environment
  • Evaluate the ethical, legal and professional framework that challenge professional decision-making and innovation
  • Through active participation, demonstrate the understanding for & ability to implement health promotion initiatives in practice
  • Facilitate clinical learning and evaluate his/her own skills in teaching and assessing, identifying strategies for further improvement
  • Critique and promote the use of research findings to enhance professional development in practice